Other Services

Leaps buildings with a single bound...

Well I can’t do that, but there are other services I can offer:



I am an experienced teacher and lecturer with a qualification in teaching adults. I undertake workshops at the Society of Genealogists and give talks to family and local history society groups. I have travelled all over Britain and indeed overseas to give them. And now i am doing them on Zoom as well.


I also teach online courses with Pharos Tutors which I really enjoy. And it seems the students do you. A recent comment was I 'really appreciated your expertise, style of tutoring and sense of humour. These are are quite complex, challenging topics for the relative novice like myself, so to make them as accessible and as enjoyable as you have, is quite a feat.' Gosh! At present I teach courses on military genealogy, the records of poverty, and Advanced Research in Archives. I'm also working on a course about the value of newspapers to researchers.


 Why not sign up for a course.


I am also an Associate Teaching Fellow at the University of Dundee.  It's a very grand title which basically means I teach a post-graduate online course on Military Archives for the Centre for Archive and Information Sciences. It is a well regarded Centre with some excellent courses and the feedback from students has been very positive.



Some of my time over the past few years had been involved with Pen & Sword’s family history list, suggesting titles and potential authors and doing some editing work on draft manuscripts. You can see (and buy) the results at And of course I have picked up considerable editorial skills from ten years of knocking articles into shape. Even the work of top writers sometimes needed nips and tucks to make them presentable.


So if you want somebody to look over your text to see whether it is suitable for publication or just friendly guidance about what to include or omit you know where I am.



Finally I am a member of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA). Indeed I sit on the Council. It is a professional association for researchers like myself and aims to maintain the highest possible standards across the profession. If are unsatisfied with my work (or that of any other member) AGRA offers a complaints procedure.